SOSIE 2nd Generation™

Predict job performance and culture fit by assessing personality traits and values

Two people with the same personality traits may act differently according to their value systems. And a clash between personal and job or organisational values often lead to disillusionment in the role or with the organisation, decrease in job satisfaction, disengagement and turn-over. On the contrary, alignment between the person and the organisational values is a boost in terms of job performance, learning and development, job satisfaction and loyalty.

SOSIE is the only reliable assessment to identify a person’s personality AND values system to reliably predict motivations, behaviour and adaptation to a role, team and organisational culture.

Eight personality traits to look at the characteristics that influence someone’s behaviour:

Dominance, Responsibility, Stress Resistance, Sociability, Cautiousness, Original Thinking, Personal Relations, Vigour

Six interpersonal values to identify what drives someone in terms of interactions with others:

Support, Conformity, Recognition, Independence, Benevolence, Power

Six personal values to explore someone’s drivers in terms of ways of working and professional activities:

Materialism, Achievement, Variety, Conviction, Orderliness, Goal orientation

Valid and reliable, the SOSIE enables you to get results quickly, and the quasi-ipsative question format makes it difficult for candidates to fake responses. Multiple reports are available, such as a basic profile report, sales report, manager report, customer service report and a candidate feedback report.


  • Assess personality and values with one single questionnaire
  • Full range of reports to suit the customer needs
  • Competency reports that show likely fit with a number of the competencies required for various roles (Managers, Sales, Teachers and Customer service rep.)
  • Extensive cross-cultural adaptations across 12 countries
  • Related services available on request (job profiling, specific norm, bespoke report, etc.)
  • Reliable, backed by years of research and thousands of data
  • Very hard to fake (ipsative format)
  • Easy to Administer: online administration.