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Training and Development Blog

This week we look at why knowing how your team prefers to learn can help performance.

Most people would agree that each person has their own preferred way of learning – some like to acquire information through reading, some would choose to have it explained to them and some get stuck in and try it out.

Pearson TalentLens is passionate about using psychometric tests to recruit and develop staff.

Our range of personality tools help to reveal a vast amount. Our range of personality psychometrics can help recruiters select the right staff and can also reveal more about the learning styles and personality types of existing employees.

In this week's post, we take a deep dive into the life and work of English-born behavioural scientist Raymond Cattell, regarded as one of the most influential behavioural scientists of the 20th century.

Matt Stevens reports from the Association of Graduate Recruiters - Student Recruitment Showcase 2017

Key themes of the conference included the impact of Brexit and the Apprenticeship Levy.

We are going to focus on two presentations – one by Trendence concerning students’ feelings about Brexit and one about the economic outlook for the UK by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

This week's blog reviews the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2017. 

The theme of this year’s DOP conference was, ‘Research into Practice: Relevance & Rigour’.

This theme encompassed the importance of evidence based practice and how applying scientific research to the ways we work, leads to effective people and organisations.

Read on for the highlights of the 3 days.

Dr Peter Honey on why everyone should be aware of their learning style preferences

I am often asked questions about learning style preferences.

For example, people often wonder where learning styles come from; are they born or made? And, if made, at what age they can be reliably detected?

This week we explore personality assessments' role in helping teams to develop.

Personality assessments play an important role within both staff recruitment and development.

They can be used within a recruitment context. However, they are traditionally utilised for onboarding, employee and team development purposes.

This week we ask why measurements of candidates' personality are useful during the recruitment process.

Ability tests provide vital information about whether candidates demonstrate the required skills to do the job.

, they do not enable employers to see what makes each person tick - Is the candidate's personality compatible with the team or organisation?

2016 has been a tumultuous year! Most people would single out a certain referendum or presidential campaign as their high (or low) light.

At TalentLens, we do not have the expertise to offer an authoritative opinion on either. Via our psychometric assessments, we do however get involved in thousands of recruitment campaigns each year.

This week, we share some of the toughest interview questions asked over the last 12 months.