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Recruiters: How to reveal critical thinking skills


Breanne Harris of TalentLens USA focuses on the importance of critical thinking.

Critical Thinking is a key, if not the key workplace skill - with globalisation, technology and country specific market conditions rapidly altering the nature of work, the ability of staff to manage and ultimately thrive in these conditions is an increasingly valued commodity.

The importance of Critical Thinking

Good business decisions require the ability to focus on the most relevant information, ask the right questions and separate reliable facts from false assumptions - these are all elements of critical thinking. 

Everyone wants to hire strong critical thinkers - aside from utilising psychometrics, what’s the best way to go about doing so? 


Learn the best strategies for hiring and retaining critical thinkers.

Infographic courtesy of adeccousa.com


Next steps

The above is a cursory look into how evidence of critical thinking can be elicited from candidates. Have a look at these 70 questions that will boost critical thinking.

TalentLens UK has a long standing expertise in this area - please feel free to contact us if you require further detail about what critical thinking is and how to measure it.


Breanne Harris


Critical Thinking