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2015 UK Graduate Sector - Infographic


Matt Stevens of TalentLens UK presents an infographic about the UK graduate recruitment sector.

The atmosphere at the AGR's Student Recruitment Trade Show this week illustrated the optimism that the industry is currently feeling, with a real buzz and sense of purpose evident throughout the day. 

A word of caution was very well expressed by Dr Charlie Ball, the Deputy Director of Research at the Higher Education Career Services Unit, who in a conference session reminded us that several economic and political variables will continue to positively or adversely impact the recovery the UK is currently experiencing.

However, as the data below (sourced from work published by High Fliers Research in January 2015) shows, graduate vacancies are on the rise, with more employers taking on increased numbers across the board as the UK's economic recovery continues to gather pace.


Graduate infographic





























Matt Stevens


Graduates / Gen Y