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What are tests of spoken English?


In today's look at occupational testing terminology, we explore the area of tests of spoken English, which are used on a global scale to help organisations determine candidates' English language proficiency.

Tests of spoken English help employers to:

  • Evaluate candidates’ ability to understand spoken English
  • Determine candidates’ ability to be understood when English is spoken
  • Enable consistent English language proficiency levels throughout your organisation
  • Objectively evaluate English spoken language skills.

TalentLens UK's test, Versant™ enables you to assess levels of spoken English language skills necessary for a work role or job.

Versant is used to assess an individual's spoken English language skills in 15 minutes or less. It is convenient to use and easy and secure to administer by telephone.

Once the employer authorised the testing process, the applicant simply makes a phone call and the testing begins. Results are automatically scored and reports are available within minutes.


Save time and improve the hiring process

When interviewing time is limited or a high volume of candidates are being tested, the fully automated Versant system can screen any number of candidates and ensure you interview only those with sufficient spoken language skills.

The tests are simple and intuitive for native speakers and for proficient non-native speakers of English. Items have been reviewed for fairness and bias-free usage.

Click to download the Versant factsheet

Read yesterday's post about the use of ability tests in recruitment. On Monday, we will be looking at why employers assess candidates for inductive reasoning ability. 

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