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What Is Inductive Reasoning?


This week we explain the importance of inductive (abstract) reasoning and its relevance to the staff recruitment process 

Inductive (or abstract) reasoning, is the ability to analyse information and solve problems on an intricate, thought based level.

Completing an abstract reasoning assessment as part of a job application process provides a picture of candidates' fluid intelligence - this is the ability to think clearly and make sense of complexity.

Fluid intelligence differs from crystallised intelligence – this is a measure of the knowledge and skills acquired through experience; for example, at school/college or in a job.

Many theorists believe you are born with fluid intelligence and that you cannot develop it to any great extent. In addition, having high crystallised intelligence does not necessarily mean you have high fluid intelligence.

Measuring abstract reasoning provides a clear indication of your candidates' fluid or general intelligence - this provides a good barometer of their general ability to solve problems and complex tasks.


Raven's APM 

Raven's is an industry wide measure of inductive (abstract) reasoning, helping to identify individuals with advanced observation and clear thinking skills who can handle the complexity of the modern workplace.

Raven's offers information about someone's capacity for analysing and solving problems, their abstract reasoning and their ability to learn.

In addition, it reduces cultural bias with a non verbal approach (right), making it ideal for global settings.

It is available as an online item bank or in paper format.

BPS Test User: Occupational Ability qualification is required to be able to administer and interpret Raven's independently. 

Learn more about the benefits of assessing candidates with Raven’s.

Learn why employers measure inductive reasoning.





Inductive Reasoning

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