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Infographic: 7 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work


Matt Stevens from TalentLens UK presents an infographic about sustaining motivation and engagement in the workplace

This week's post is centred around motivation and specifically, the motivation required to consistently complete tasks, despite internal and external factors which can lead to distraction and ultimately, insufficiency.

Sourced from work conducted by SME Insider, the below infographic details the different types of motivation and provides solid advice to mitigate against the distractions that can affect willpower and performance.

The topic of employee motivation is something Managers wrestle with, as evidenced by the recent release of a report by One4all Rewards called Push the Button, which interviewed 1000 UK workers, in order to establish their key drivers.

Unsurprisingly, pay is not the main motivator for continued workplace performance - it obviously helps but 78% of respondents do not feel money alone is enough to remain engaged.

This is where the below comes in - a simple, yet effective sense check to ensure that you remain on task and able to work to the best of your ability. 

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