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Psychometric Assessments and Pavlov: Discover The Link


Here at Pearson Talentlens we use psychometric assessments to recruit and develop staff. Our range of personality tools help you to reveal personality traits and values, type or preferred learning styles.

Given our interest in behaviour and personality, in this week's blog, we have taken a detailed look into the life and work of a pioneer of behavourism, Ivan Pavlov.

Who was Pavlov?

Pavlov is a renowned physiologist whose famous work has had a dramatic impact on the psychological school of thought known as behaviourism

Discover the life and work of this influential Russian-born physiologist in our latest piece: From Psychometric Assessments to Pavlov. 

Take a journey into the work of Pavlov, discover a timeline of his life and the paramount influence his work has had on behaviourism. 

Pavlov's findings also heavily influenced the later work of psychologists Dr John Watson and B.F. Skinner. 

‘Pavlov’s Dogs’ Experiment 

Pavlov is famous for his classic experiment with dogs: ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’. This experiment explored salivation in dogs in response to being fed, and soon developed into an extraordinary discovery which shaped behaviourism. 

Discover Pavlov's influence on behaviourism, his famous experiment and how his life and work has impacted upon psychometric assessments



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