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Big Brother Is Analysing You


Angus McDonald, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Committee on Test Standards, explains how your behaviour online enables a prediction of your personality characteristics. 

Notable pieces of academic research too often fail to receive the public attention they deserve.  Not so with a recent article entitled 'Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans', which has attracted a flurry of media interest.

Online behaviour is being increasingly mined by psychologists, as vast amounts of information gathered through our everyday use of the Internet is readily available to test out their ideas.

The remainder of this article is contained on Angus' own blog on the Realise Potential website.



Angus McDonald

Angus is the Director of Realise Potential Ltd, the lead trainer for the TalentLens BPS Test User: Occupational Personality qualification and is also the Chair for the BPS Committee on Test Standards.

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