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Personality Tools For Team Development


This week we explore personality assessments' role in helping teams to develop.

Personality assessments play an important role within both staff recruitment and development.

They can be used within a recruitment context. However, they are traditionally utilised for onboarding, employee and team development purposes.

If one is running a team, relying on the opinions of other staff members about an individual’s character will not provide the objective information you need when trying to work out how they prefer to be managed.

Similarly, as a recruiter, relying on a CV, someone’s performance in an interview and their subsequent references will not provide enough impartial evidence to make an informed hiring decision.

Personality assessments aim to address this problem of subjectivity through the application of psychometric principles and objectivity to the study of human behaviour.


A structure for learning

Personality tools can provide a structure for employees to learn more about themselves, both in terms of areas where there are opportunities for growth and where they already display strong characteristics.

If integrated successfully within a company’s L&D strategy and guided by managers / champions, this knowledge can give people a developmental target to aim for and increase their organisational engagement.


The team then me

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, a prevalent issue is that of the team and more specifically, how we as individuals can fit in, 'get along' and perform well without compromising our own desires to 'get ahead'. 

It is vital to select the right people in the first place but it is also essential to mentor and nurture them once they are there, otherwise they will become disengaged and potentially leave.

However, the needs of the employee must be balanced with the emphasis for any group on being about the collective, not the individual. 

The point is illustrated neatly by the great basketball player, Michael Jordan:

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Personality assessments can be used as a starting point to generate or renew a positive team environment.

Conducting team development sessions using the results of a personality assessment can provide a framework for individuals within the team to become more self-aware and to learn more about their colleagues’ talents.

This can improve communication, promote understanding of what motivates each person and reveal what their respective strengths and developmental areas are.



TalentLens UK offers a range of measures of personality to help companies establish a plan for developing individuals and teams alike.

The Golden Personality Type Profiler helps individuals to understand themselves and others better and is widely used for coaching, leadership, team development and career counselling.

Golden identifies both a Jungian 4-letter personality type E/I, S/N, T/F, A/Z plus a fifth global scale looking at responses to stress.

We also offer the Honey & Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire and associated behavioural series, which contains tools helping individuals to realise how they learn and if adopted effectively within an organisation, contributes to improving teamwork, communication and self awareness.


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Further reading:

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