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Bespoke critical thinking training available from Pearson TalentLens - Now available Online!

Critical Thinking is now more important than ever. Rapidly changing trends and markets are accelerating change, promoting innovation and creativity. We now consume over 34 million bits of information every day – the equivalent to 2 books. Whilst, fake news continues to be the biggest threat to democracy, creating confusion, assumption and uncertainty.

With this daily abundance of mis/information, organisations are looking for employees
who display strong critical thinking characteristics. Who can make good decisions, quickly, separating fact from fiction and solving complex problems, to enable the right conclusions to be reached.


Join our critical thinking workshop, designed to show employers and employees how to absorb, organise and evaluate complex information, from multiple perspectives – to reach logical, well-founded conclusions. Critical Thinking has been identified as one of the best predictors of employee performance.

By the end of this workshop you will have the knowledge to apply this skill – important not only for your personal development, but also for management development.

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