Webinar "Critical Thinking: The 21st Century Skill"

Discover the basics of Critical Thinking and how you can separate great candidates from good candidates.

Within industry and academia, people are increasingly talking about 21st century skills, also called ‘skills of the future’. Critical Thinking appears near the top of every list, cited as a key workplace ability, alongside problem solving aptitude. Critical Thinking has become an extremely well established proposition within the scientific community over the last 80+ years. In addition, Critical Thinking is often related to metacognition, which plays an important role in learning and development.

Do you want to be able to separate ‘excellent’ candidates from the ‘good’ ones? Do you want to reduce the chance of making a bad hire, thus saving your company from the vast time and financial costs?

Or do you mainly want to ensure that your workforce is ready for the future? During this webinar you will learn what Critical Thinking is and its importance within the modern workplace, what the RED-model is and what knowledge and behaviour is required to successfully apply Critical Thinking. After the webinar we will share the presentation slides as a reference and to share with your colleagues!

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