Webinar "Identify dysfunctional behaviour in the workplace"

Get introduced to the 12 dysfunctional personality traits and learn how to lower the risk of such behaviour in your organisation.

In the HR community professionals are mainly interested in capabilities, skills and behaviour that predict performance. Indeed, new employees need to be able to deliver the results by which company targets can be achieved.

However, every professional also bears a certain amount of dysfunctional behaviour: behaviour that usually occurs in periods of stress, boredom or comfort and may have great negative consequences. Almost daily you can read articles in the news in which organisations are negatively presented as a result of of the behaviour of one or more of their employees. Behaviour that not only result in negative publicity, but can even result in the bankruptcy of the company.

Do you want to lower the risk that your organisation ends up in such a situation? Then subscribe for the webinar¬†“Identify Dysfunctional Behaviour in the Workplace”. By the use of several examples you will get an overview of 12 dysfunctional personality traits and you will learn how to lower the risk for your organisation. After the webinar we will share the presentation slides as a reference and to share with your colleagues!


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