Webinar "Measuring the core values that fit your organization"

Discover the 12 (inter)personal values of a candidate and secure a candidate that fits in the organisational culture.

Predicting behaviour is one of the most important components in the assessment practice; is someone suitable for a role or can certain behaviour be developed? Someone’s value pattern has, consciously or subconsciously, influence on his or her decisions and goals, and thereby on what someone’s actions and performance. Values determine someone’s motivation and authenticity and determine the match with a certain organisational culture.

Do you want to prevent that new employees are leaving because they didn’t fit in the organsation and/or their team? Then subscribe for the webinar “Measuring the core values that fit your organization”. By the use of several examples you will get an overview of 8 personality traits, 6 personal values and 6 interpersonal values that determine whether someone is likely to fit a culture or not. After the webinar you will receive the presentation slides as a reference and/or to share with your colleagues!


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