Webinar: Playing Fair: The importance of using HR assessments

Many employment decisions are still made using subjective methods. CVs, application forms and interviews are important parts of the recruitment process but they offer a potential for bias, due to their lack of impartiality.

With the aid of various tools (such as questionnaires, ability tests, practical cases and / or role plays), you can obtain a lot of insight in a relatively short time about the capability, personality, motives, ambition and development potential of a candidate.

During this webinar you will learn more about the added value of selection and development assessments. Through the presentation of scientific research examples, you will learn which selection practices are the best to predict performance, what the greatest pitfalls of a subjective selection practice are and how an objective selection practice will help you to reduce staff turnover.

Do you – or a colleague – believe that an assessment provides only a snapshot of someone’s capabilities and behaviour, that candidates will provide socially desirable answers to questionnaires and/or that a diploma provide enough evidence for the candidate’s capabilities? Then subscribe for this webinar to forever say goodbye to these myths!

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