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2019 Live Webinar Schedule

Increasing Team Effectiveness Using Type Tools

25 April 2019 at 1PM UTC

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  • 18th June¬† – Why development matters: Using the LSQ to enhance employees learning

On-demand webinars

Playing Fair: The importance of using HR assessments

Through the presentation of scientific research examples, learn which selection practices are the best to predict performance, what the greatest pitfalls of a subjective selection practice are and how an objective selection practice will help you to reduce staff turnover.

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Critical Thinking: The #1 skill of the 21st century!

During this webinar you will learn what Critical Thinking is, what the RED-model is and what knowledge and behaviour is required to successfully apply Critical Thinking.

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Critical Thinking: The #1 Workplace Skill

In this time of rapid technological change and information bombardment, the World Economic Forum has identified Critical Thinking as a key skill required by employers. This webinar provides insight into this core workplace competency.

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Computerised Adaptive Testing: A New Generation of Assessment

Learn more about adaptive testing, and our new measure the DAT Next Generation.

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Measure Candidates Value and Reduce Staff Turnover

Learn what values are, why they are important and the positive impact that measuring a persons values can have. We also provide an overview of SOSIE and how it measures a person’s values.

Events and Conferences

During 2019 we’ll be attending or exhibiting at the following events and conferences. Contact our team in advance via LinkedIn or by email to connect in advance.