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Golden Personality Type Profile

What Golden Measures
Administration & Reporting
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Golden Personality Type Profiler (GPTP) is a well-established (over 25 years) online personality questionnaire drawn from the known theories of personality: Carl Jung's theory of psychological type (the most well-known Jungian instrument being MBTI®) as well as the principle works of Trait theorists and the "Big Five" model of personality. 

Five global scales

The global scales are E/I, S/N, T/F and A/Z.  Golden also contains a fifth global scale Tense/Calm (corresponding to the BIg 5 trait scale of Neuroticism) which is an important part of personality.  In addition there are 18 sub-facet scales and these offer a depth of insight and uniqueness to an Individual's profile.

Example of an individual report > (PDF)

Training options

Training is required to use the Golden but we offer conversion, qualification and Level B  (now test user: personality) training. Training is offered as public or IN-HOUSE workshops (where we come to you if you have sufficient staff requiring training).

More information about training >

The in-depth 16 page report looks at:

  • An individual's Type and preferences
  • Their likely strengths and contributions to an organisation
  • Leadership, growth and development areas
  • Communication style and team working preferences
  • Their motivation and learning 
  • Out of pattern "behaviours"


If you would like to find out more about the Golden Personality Type Profiler or discuss a trial, please ring Alie Carvey on 01279 623642 or email alie.carvey@pearson.com.


Questionnaire Development

The instrument was developed by John Golden in the USA in the 1980s and is already used by hundreds of practitioners in their L&D work in the UK and around the world.

Golden can be used in a number of applications including: Coaching, Leadership development, Career Counselling, Team building, Conflict Management, Improving Communication and Stress counselling. 


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What Golden measures

FIVE global preference areas

In addition to the four traditional Jungian areas of preference, Golden contains a fifth global scale, Tense-Calm, based on the "Big Five" trait of Emotional Stability.

Tense-Calm looks at stress-related pressures and the degrees of confidence and optimism a person has about their life challenges. The significance of this extra dimension fifth factor is that users can explore the various effects of stress on Type development.


Sub-facets which look at differences within Type

Each global scale includes facet scales that represent more specific components of the global scale. Such specificity is important for understanding differences among individuals who score similarly on the global scales. These facets offer valuable insight in to similarities and differences within the same global type.


Global Dimensions Facets
Extraverting/Introverting Talkative/Quiet
Socially bold/Reserved
Sensing/iNtuiting Concrete/Abstract
Thinking/Feeling Rational/Empathetic
organiZing/Adapting Planned/Open-ended
Tense/Calm Concerned/Optimistic


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The instrument is completed online and an individual report is automatically generated.



Examples of an individual report (PDF)

The individual reports include the following sections:

  • Overall Global Type
  • Growth opportunities
  • Facet Results
  • Communication and Team Working
  • Strengths
  • Motivation and Learning
  • Development Opportunities
  • Responses to Daily Stressors

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Training is required to use the instrument and interpret the results and Pearson offers a range of practical, cost-effective and flexible training options:

Public Workshops (held at 80 Strand London).

  • 1 x day Conversion course for practitioners already experienced in Jungian Type instruments. 
  • 2 x day Qualification course for those unfamiliar with Type Personality instruments. 
  • 3 x day BPS Level B in Golden.


All courses involve an element of pre-work.

More information / book your place >


In-house courses

The above workshops can be offered on an in-house basis for six or more staff. Prices are available on request. Call 020 7010 2866 or email wyn.davies@pearson.com for details.


Further information

To enquire about training dates or for any further information please call Wyn Davies, Golden Marketing Manager on 020 7010 2866 or email wyn.davies@pearson.com.


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