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Graduate Onboarding Solutions

We can help you measure:

Critical Thinking | Numerical Reasoning | Inductive Reasoning |  Traits and Values

Onboarding begins when candidates first come into contact with your company. The image projected and how it is perceived by applicants is vital throughout the recruitment process. 

A positive experience during a recruitment process will generate a higher likelihood of engagement amongst new hires. If this is built upon during employees' initial few weeks and months, they will have a better chance of feeling welcome, productive and able to contribute to the goals of the organisation.

The result of an effective onboarding process is happy and determined employees and ultimately, a more successful organisation. 

Conversely, when an employee is not effectively introduced to the organisation, they are more inclined to feel disconnected from the goals and culture of the company and unable to contribute as effectively as they potentially could. 

In addition, the cost to the business of an unmotivated employee runs into thousands of pounds or more. 

TalentLens' onboarding assessments are used to help new recruits become aware of areas in need of development, as well as highlighting existing areas of strength, thus enabling employers to support and enhance key competencies and behaviours.

Our onboarding solutions include:

Watson Glaser Development Report

SOSIE Interpretation & Feedback Guide

Learning Styles Questionnaire 

Golden Personality Type Profiler