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Performance in the role

The final stage of the recruitment process will result in successful candidates’ selection for the programme.

Graduates will require specific mentoring as they progress through the first stage of their career.

A great deal has been written about the Millennial generation and their often reported tendency to move companies quickly. This is specific to each organisation but does add weight to the need for a robust onboarding procedure.

In order to understand Millennials more fully and thus be equipped to begin to integrate them into the organisation effectively, it is important to look at some key characteristics:

  • Born 1980 – 2005
  • Also known as Generation Y, Global Generation and Echo Boomers
  • Born into Technology​ - they are 'digital natives' but value f2f
  • Trust in User Generated Content (UGC) 
  • Interested in a fast & varied Career Progression
  • Socially Conscious
  • Prefer a flexible working approach
  • Value the the help that a mentor can bring

As with any group of people, Millennials do present a lot of challenges but they are only the product of the times.

They want what we all do – a demanding and rewarding job and the chance to develop.

Taking the time to attract and develop Millennials effectively will not only help them - it will greatly benefit the business. Reducing the risk of a bad hire is a prime concern for all organisations. 

By understanding their needs and ensuring that new recruits feel welcome, it greatly improves the chances of retaining, productive and content employees, who are less likely to be disruptive or even leave.

Our onboarding tools can be used to help with this process, promoting self awareness and helping to set targets to assist with the successful integration of new staff.   

Areas offered include: Learning Styles, Personality Type, & the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking development report.