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Graduates Prior Knowledge Tests

Candidates’ prior knowledge is evidenced by what they bring to the table at the point of submitting an application for a graduate recruitment programme.

It is accrued via education, skills, work or life experience.      

Prior knowledge is a factor of candidates' general ability.

From a theoretical perspective, general ability / intelligence is composed of crystallised and fluid intelligence


What is General Ability?

Crystallised intelligence is the ability to use learned knowledge and experience. It is measured by recruiters via academic qualifications, experience and skills tests.

In practice, it is comprised of the results of formal, plus skills obtained from informal education. 

Fluid intelligence, the ability to solve new problems, generally declines slowly from around 20 years old, whilst one’s ability to apply prior knowledge and experience (crystallised intelligence) levels increase until circa aged 70.

TalentLens’ Ability tests provide an invaluable prediction of likely workplace task performance, thus helping recruiters to reliably measure and compare candidates.


Graduates - Prior Knowledge