12 Learning Values

Dr Peter Honey, the creator of the Learning Style Questionnaire reveals his 12 learning values

My mission has always been to help organisations to be successful through learning. Learning is an occupational competence that remains constant. Continuous improvement, via learning, is the key to innovation and effectiveness. My position can be represented by a simple formula: P = L + B. Where P is for performance, L is for learning and B is for behaviour.

Expanding on this – everyone’s performance at work emanates from a) their past and current learning and b) what they say and do – their behaviour. Trying to enable learning can be challenging – there are many variables! Below are the values I try to adhere to.

My 12 learning values

  1. Everyone has a basic right to learn and develop and be supported and encouraged as they do so.
  2. There is no more important task than helping people take responsibility for their learning and development.
  3. Since it is just as easy to learn wrong things as it is to learn right things, what constitutes good learning needs to be debated and agreed.
  4. You are what you learn; all you know, all your skills and all your beliefs have been learned.
  5. Learning is a skill which, like any other skill, you can develop and improve. Learning to learn is your ultimate life skill.
  6. Everything that happens to you, at work or elsewhere, provides you with an opportunity to learn.
  7. Learning is only effective when you convert it into improved performance.
  8. You need to supplement your “tacit” & “intuitive” learning with explicit “conscious” learning that is clear and communicable.
  9. At work, learning and achieving are twin priorities.
  10. Reviewing is the gateway to appropriate learning and action.
  11. It is your duty to share your learning and spread your best practices.
  12. Learning, as a process, supersedes all others.

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