ABP Highlights: Behavioural economics and 'nudging'

This year, Pearson TalentLens were delighted to be gold sponsors at the ABP conference, held in London. Insightful and thought provoking as usual, there was an inspiring and innovative focus on behavioural economics and ‘nudging’.

With a number of keynote speakers leading engaging sessions and roundtable discussions, highlights for our team included Rory Sutherland’s points about how and why people make decisions and choices.

Whilst Rebecca Milner from KPMG, who was nominated for an award in “Excellence in Change Management”, led an insightful round table discussion on a client that took a strategic decision to outsource their facilities management activities across their sites in 67 countries. She outlined their Change, Approach, Outcome and lessons Learnt. It was great to see how companies of this scale implement such a wide strategic change successfully.

Day one, also featured our workshop, led by Angus McDonald, presenting the findings of our research into the generational differences, which found greater differences in values than personality between generations X and Y. Those attending had some really useful discussions around how the changing world of work that generation X have seen, with the revolution of the internet, may have led to some of these differences. We also discussed how despite values not being as obvious as personality differences, they are important to consider in order to identify key drivers at both the individual and team level and maximise effectiveness.

For more information: This whitepaper presents the results of a study looking into intergenerational differences in the value and personality traits measured by SOSIE.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate all of this year’s award winners and nominees.

We’ve pulled together a summary of some notable and entertaining tweets from the conference here.

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels