Change, adapt and thrive

Employees are at the core of any enterprise. Hiring bright people possessing good reasoning and critical thinking skills, creativity, plus the right behaviours and values enables a company to change, adapt and ultimately, thrive.

A bad hiring decision is costly and detrimental to the person, the team and the business as a whole. 13% of permanent contracts are not renewed past the probation period;¹ 36% of them are terminated within the end of the first year.² On average, this costs companies 30% of each bad hire’s annual salary.³ Consequently, many company directors consider their recruitment process to be insufficient and ineffective.

To avoid the risk of making bad hires, companies need to make use of psychological assessments that offer precision and impartiality. Supported by nearly 100 years of science, Pearson TalentLens’ assessments strengthen your hiring decision-making process: Determine how well your candidates react under pressure, measure their bright and dark side behaviours, assess their critical thinking and reasoning skills or discover their values and motivations.

The use of valid and objective psychological tests to measure applicants’ cognitive ability and their personality traits, alongside traditional methods such as interviews will help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person and predict their suitability for a job role. Our assessments allow you to assess how potential candidates are likely to perform today and in the future.

Pearson TalentLens’ assessments will give any company the power to excel beyond its competitors. Our tools are designed to assist you in discovering what is not yet visible to the naked eye.

Make confident decisions with TalentLens and contact our team of assessment professionals who can guide you through your hiring process.


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