Critical Thinking in a Busy World

As we are regularly reminded, we live in an extremely busy world. The pace of technology driving change continues to accelerate, promoting innovation and creativity. On the flip side, fake news continues to pollute the media, creating confusion, assumption and uncertainty.

To succeed in this new reality, we must be able to separate fact from fiction and evaluate arguments well, to enable the right conclusions to be reached. It is not surprising that the World Economic Forum has identified Critical Thinking as the most important workplace skill right now and in the future.

The good news: Critical Thinking can be measured and developed. The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal has been used by business for more than 40 years to measure the critical thinking and verbal reasoning skills of job applicants and employees. By doing this, their aptitude and suitability for a job role can be measured objectively, as well as providing an indication of their general ability.

Promoting Diversity: Research shows that the Watson-Glaser is more predictive of task performance than A level points, degree class and university attended.

The Watson Glaser test is frequently part of the selection process in the British legal industry after a strong relationship has been proven between top performers and a high Watson Glaser score. Since 2012, anyone wishing to train as a barrister must sit a critical thinking test.

Webinar: Listen to our recent webinar on “Critical Thinking: The #1 Workplace Skill”