Do you need to Tweak your Candidate Experience for Graduate Hires?’

Gradability were finalists in this year’s OnRec Awards for Best Corporate Graduate Site. Shortlisted alongside ESG Recruitment and OC & C Strategy Consultants.

We caught up with Sophie Hopley​, Employer Brand Manager to find out what making the final shortlist meant to them and why it is important for companies to support graduate recruitment.

“In the last 12 months we transformed Gradability from a simple blog resource, to a full-service hub that helps graduates to find jobs within IT & tech, and also allows UK companies to attract talented graduates too. Tech Digital is one of the most competitive markets in the UK, and slowly more and more companies are embracing the opportunity to grow their tech teams with fresh talent from University, instead of demanding years of industry experience.

Gradability has helped us connect some really talented graduates with top UK tech firms over the last 12 months, so we decided to enter the Onrec awards to celebrate this! We’d love more companies to consider “widening the goalposts” when it comes to their hiring requirements, because there are some brilliant IT grads out there that just need the right company to give them a chance!”

Do you need to Tweak your Candidate Experience for Graduate Hires?’

Following on from this, Gradability have shared with us their latest insights on graduate recruitment:

We talk a lot about the candidate experience and the impact which it can have, and according to LinkedIn research ‘60% of people say they have had a poor candidate experience in the past’. From ditching the lengthy application forms to shouting about your training and development offers – discover ten tweaks which you can make to your recruitment process including personality tests to identify learning styles. 

The full article is contained on Gradability’s website and is well worth a read.