Hire The Cream of the Crop With Psychometric Tests For Recruitment

We are no strangers to the vast challenges faced by recruitment consultants on a daily basis. The highly pressured, all-or-nothing nature of this role comes with its own unique set of obstacles and challenges. From translating a complex and extensive job specification to liaising with the client over their specific needs and requirements, not to mention assessing candidates for the role, the tasks involved in the position are diverse.

So what invaluable tools could assist recruiters in ensuring they are in pursuit of the absolute cream of the crop and seeing real talent more clearly? Psychometric tests are the answer.

What Is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests for recruitment are the key to matching the very best candidates to the most suitable positions. They are used to measure a range of crucial skills which can aid the recruitment process, such as:

How Can It Assist?

We’ve all been there: sitting in an interview, desperately trying to make a good impression but concerned the limited time available hasn’t enabled us to come across as well as we’d have hoped. Interviews assess a candidate’s suitability for a role up to a certain point, but psychometric tests can assist in determining other crucial factors. These include how well that individual will fit into the existing team, their development within a certain role and their specific preferences and personality traits.

Psychometric testing supports the recruitment process by offering specific information about an individual’s suitability for a certain role.

The Benefits of Psychometric Tests

There are numerous reasons why psychometric testing can be of benefit to the recruitment industry, including:

  • Reduces hiring costs
  • Ensures you are pinpointing suitable candidates immediately, making you more efficient
  • Quickly sifts out unsuitable candidates
  • Improves candidates’ quality up to the final stage of recruitment
  • Determines candidates’ ability to solve new and complex problems
  • Offers a full picture of a candidate when multiple tests are conducted alongside each other
  • Identifies the likelihood of a candidate fitting into a team, role or environment.

The Format of Tests

There are numerous tests available which can support the recruitment process and decision-making when it comes to individual selection. The specially designed tests are used to predict the performance of potential employees in a range of roles and across different levels.


Possible tests include:

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal – This test measures critical thinking ability. It assesses the ability to look at a situation, understand it from multiple perspectives and effectively separate facts from opinions and assumptions. This appraisal is particularly suited to graduates and managers and looks at comprehension, analysis and evaluation.

SOSIE – This tool measures personal and interpersonal values and personality traits. It can be used to create an even broader picture of a candidate when combined with ability tests within the recruitment process. This test will also offer an insight into the personality and motivations of the candidate, as well as their fit with a role or organisation and, ultimately, their performance.

Numerical Data Interpretation Test™ (NDIT) – This test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to interpret and manipulate data. This skill is crucial for numerous roles and offers an additional insight alongside academic grades, which do not necessarily predict how well a person will perform when interpreting data in the workplace.

Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices – These tests are widely used within recruitment for graduates, as well as for IT and engineering. They measure inductive (abstract) reasoning, and identify advanced observation and clear thinking skills.

Ability and Personality

When it comes to hiring, it is crucial to achieve a good balance between sufficient ability and the type of personality that is best suited to and compatible with an organisation.

Psychometric testing offers a deep insight into the personality, behaviours, motivations and aspirations of an individual, enabling the recruiter to see if these factors are as closely aligned with the environment, company and role as the candidate’s ability and CV. Psychometric tests enable recruiters to gain a fully rounded insight into a candidate, offering an effective evaluation and thorough understanding of skills, ability and personality.

Reduce Your Headache

As a recruitment consultant, your role is a challenging one; these crucial tools can assist in your quest to match the perfect candidates to their ideal roles. Discovering the ins and outs of your candidates and what makes them tick means you are well on the way to matching them to the job of their career dreams – and to making your day less stressful too.

Reduce some of the headache of looking for suitable job candidates by trying a free demo from TalentLens’ array of clinically proven psychometric tests for recruitment today.


Image by Tang Yau Hoong