How to Look After and Support you and your Teams Wellbeing

At times like these, thinking about how to support your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues/teams has never been more important. Throughout the day we are surrounded by continuous news updates and information on the latest developments; so much so, that sorting out the facts from personal opinion (using our critical thinking skills) can be challenging. So with this influx of information and isolation, how do you look after your own wellbeing and encourage your teams to do the same?

  • Keeping in touch – No long ago we were encouraging each other to get up and leave our desks and talk to colleagues rather than email. Trips to the coffee machine were a prime time to catch-up, step away and recharge. With self-isolation in almost full swing many of us will be missing the office chatter and background noise. If that’s the case, why not try some of these ideas to keep in touch and ‘check-in’ with your teams and colleagues:
    • Hold a virtual coffee meeting – have a set time you’d usually head for coffee? Why not make a drink and have a five minute catch up online? It’s a great way to check-in and make sure everyone is coping and share ideas for tackling work away from the office.
    • Set up an office book/music club – if you have colleagues who would usually head out to events after work try setting up a chat group or live stream to share your interests.
  • Switching off – Remember to take time to step away from your computer and social media so you can evaluate all the information you’ve received calmly and factually.
    • Plus, if you find yourself working longer or out of hours take time to be present with your family and unwind from work. There’s a great post on remote working via Harvard Business Review.
  • Seek positivity – If you are following all the updates on Twitter, find some positive feeds to start following. #seekingsunshine @BlurtFoundation is a great hashtag which encourages you to post three things you’ve found that day that made you smile.
  • Exercise – Many companies are choosing to move their usual face-to-face classes online. Now could be the time to try something new…Yoga with a toddler and two cats before a 9am call anyone?
  • Self-development – If 12 weeks feels overwhelming use the time to research self-development courses. Putting off training courses can often occur when you are in the office, if you’re at home use the hours to find out more about how you learn, develop a new skill or even seek out groups where you can share your knowledge with others.
  • Be realistic – WFH has its own challenges as well as benefits. If you’re managing a team you may need to be mindful of how employees need to work around childcare. Flexible hours and out of hours working may help teams keep productive and sane when you have to juggle CBeebies and deliver projects on time.
  • Finally, look after yourself and others. 

Image by LinkedIn Sales Navigator