HR Trends for 2019

From around July last year, the posts began to emerge about what the key HR trends were likely to be in 2019. Now that the year is well and truly underway, what areas are rising up the Google ranks already?


Artificial Intelligence

From chatbots, to Computer Assisted Technology (CAT), AI is making an impact in HR and is high on everyone’s agenda; yet surprisingly in a PwC survey, ‘only 2% of UK CEOs have introduced AI initiatives wide scale and 36% have no plans to pursue any AI initiatives in the next three years.’ This however is not stopping us discussing what the future of work might look like, and we are already starting to see a shift from conversations around machine versus man, as organisations start to see new roles developing as AI evolves. With this in mind predicting employee performance and ability to adapt will become significant with tools such as DAT Next Generation and Raven’s Progressive Matrices able to support employers in assessing overall general ability and the aptitude to learn new concepts quickly, to help support employers.

Mind the skills gap

If there’s one thing that surveys and reports around the Industrial Revolution 4.0 have highlighted, it’s the skills gap that currently exists in the market. Whilst employment is at an all-time high, some roles are still going unfilled for many months. And significantly, it’s not just in areas such as engineering where roles are changing as technology starts to revolutionise traditional practices; a recent report highlighted the most difficult role to fill was that of ‘optometrist with employers struggling to fill almost 69% of vacancies.’

However it’s also how you present your skills on paper, around 85% of candidates failed to include the most desirable skill of ‘adaptability’ on their CV. If recent articles are anything to go by we’ll certainly see more talk about the increasing number of, and different types of skills that employees are now looking for; and what employers and employees can do to ensure they have access to the best training to up-skill and develop. Tools such as Learning Style Questionnaire or the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test can help you measure how best your employees learn and reason.


Big Data

From GDPR to people analytics, ‘Big Data’ and how your organsiation uses that information matters. Psychometric assessments is certainly one way HR teams can use data to have a positive impact on the recruitment process, helping to reduce the risk of a ‘bad hire’, predicting future success and reducing staff turnover. At TalentLens we can offer a Consultancy Service helping you to make sense of the data and obtain the insights you need.


Generation Z

Entrenched in technology, the oldest members of ‘Generation Z’ have already begun to enter the workplace. In 2019 we can expect to see new discussions around how employers can best support this new workforce (see Forbe report on ‘11 Tips For Welcoming Generation-Z To The Workforce’). Socially aware, culturally conscious, ready to learn – but think digital learning, and searching for a work-life balance. The question seems to be: Is your organisation ready for Gen Z?’


Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing will certainly continue to be a key conversation point in organisation in 2019. A recent Twitter Time to Change post saw 24% of people say they could start a conversation about mental health at work. Alongside this, many companies are looking at new initiatives for work-life balance – flexi working, investment into health programs and ways to use technology to help teams stay connected but not overly connected to work. A  study found that 68% of the global workforce works remotely at least once per month; making this more important than ever.


It’s only February

The snow’s only just come and gone, but these five trends look set to stay in 2019. The question is how will your organisation change and adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities that these new developments offer? Why not contact our team to see how we can support you in the year ahead.


Looking for the solution? We are here to help.

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