Predicting Job Performance

A widely held consensus is that job performance is impacted by four key factors: Skills, Qualifications and Experience; Cognitive Ability; Personality Fit; and Motivation, Values and Interest.

Many recruiters only assess skills, qualifications, and experience, along with an interview, thereby missing insight into key areas that have an impact on performance. TalentLens instruments are designed to measure abilities such as critical thinking skills and behaviours that are important to future job performance.

You can learn new skills and, to some extent, change certain behaviours, but cognitive abilities, values and a number of behavioural traits are stable. Combining ability, personality, and other relevant assessments together not only gives more relevant information upon which to base a hiring decision, but can also reduce adverse impact.

A whitepaper The Science Behind Predicting Job Performance at Recruitment, co-authored by Wyn Davies, Global Product Strategist, looks at areas that impact performance in the majority of job roles. It summarises scientific research on the effectiveness of different recruitment tools, explains key concepts, and identifies considerations to be taken when using the different tools.

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