Language proficiency testing is commonplace in many industries across the globe including manufacturing, telecommunications, finance etc. large corporations have sales and customer service teams who speak to lots of different people on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, if these touch points with your business do not provide a positive experience, this can hinder the reputation of your company and business can be lost due to poor communication.

Businesses must think wider about the on-going operational efficiencies and performance improvements made as a result of optimising recruitment for language proficiency. 

This is why language testing like the  Versant™ English language test is so effective.

But what are the reasons why businesses may need to consider conducting language testing to improve their operations? 

5 Reasons Why Businesses Could Benefit From Language Testing

Improve Quality and Delivery of Work

From a business operations perspective, language proficiency when giving and receiving instructions can improve the quality of output. Remember, english language testing focuses on evaluating the following:

  • Prospects ability to understand spoken English
  • Prospects ability to be understood when English is spoken
  • Ensure consistent English language proficiency levels throughout your business
  • Evaluate English spoken language proficiency and objectively.

Understanding instruction and delivering business outputs to required scope is dependent on understanding of language. 

Improve Working Productivity

As a result, improved internal communications and understanding of the English language understanding tend to lead to an improved level of productivity for the business. 

Studies have shown that a lack of understanding of linguistic information can lead to a decrease in productivity. This is important because the likelihood of talent asking for help or to admit they may not have understood the question often results in hours of time in delays over the course of the business year. This naturally shows as a negative impact on your bottom line and is something that can be reduced significantly through training, development and english language testing.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Recently, we spoke about why the Versant English test and other forms of english language testing were important to the business due to an incredibly high percentage of businesses cancelling contracts due to poor customer service. The number specifically – 56% of customers cancel based on poor communication and service.

Active listening within the English language is a paramount skill to developing high levels of positive customer experiences and service within your business. Without this, many businesses suffer from misinterpreting communications, resulting in poor survey scores from current customers.

Reduce Risk to Health and Safety

Health and safety measures will be a high priority for any business operating with office space post-pandemic. Health and safety managers will have new processes aligned with current health and safety procedures and so effective english communication is key to understanding new ways to operate within your business health and safety measures.

This is another reason why english language testing is important. It will help businesses to measure a candidate’s aptitude for understanding logical health and safety information in order to ensure compliance and a workplace that is safe, regardless of whether it’s a production factory or an open-plan office space. 

Reduce Your Recruitment Costs

For businesses who test english language skills, often their recruitment processes are more efficient and cost effective. This is due to qualifying potential talent through the use of language proficiency testing. 

If the role advertised requires a certain level of english language communication, these English language tests naturally help to acquire the right applications and screen accordingly for the best possible result for the business. 

Often, without this level of screening, recruitment becomes less effective, and ultimately, talent may not last beyond the initial probationary period, resulting in another recruitment drive from scratch.

Naturally, there are many more reasons why businesses look to implement english language testing. These ultimately cover the two key areas of any businesses operations. Productivity and profitability – when focused on these areas, understanding the importance of english language testing can be the difference between achieving these two goals and not. 

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or visit our Versant™ English Test to learn more about how you could benefit by measuring English speaking and listening skills quickly, accurately and reliably.