Recruiting for Community Transport - Safeguarding for the Future.

All across the UK thousands of people rely on community transport to help them remain independent. Whether it is to take people to hospital appointments, provide school bus services, dial-a-ride or community bus trips – these services ensure that many isolated and vulnerable children and adults have access to local services, their families and community.

Providing such services offers a life-line to many people and helps ensure the safeguarding of the people who use them. Many providers are currently looking into safeguarding courses as the need to be able to spot and report any concerns is crucial. Many providers are also now looking at issuing English Speaking Tests alongside these courses, as the need to be able to clearly communicate with passengers goes hand-in-hand with ensuring their safety and following any protocol for reporting potential concerns.

Following the Department for Transports published findings of Total Transport – a pilot scheme which allocated £7.6 million to 37 separate schemes run by 36 local authorities in England to pilot Total Transport solutions in their area, we are now being asked by community transport providers for tests that can assess English proficiency quickly and easily.

Pearson TalentLens’ Versant™ English Assessment, is suitable for such roles. Currently used by companies recruiting taxi drivers, customer service representatives, technical support employees, healthcare and social workers to name a few – it is a completely automated test of spoken English that enables you to ensure applicants and employees have the level of spoken English language skills necessary for a given job.

Community transport services provide a life-line to many people, if you are looking into employee training and recruitment contact us to discuss how Versant™ can help you.

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