Respond. Reflect. Reboot

At Club TalentSoft’s first virtual conference there were many conversations started online around the theme:  Respond. Reflect. Reboot. We’ve picked out some of the highlights:

  • Leadership  –  It’s not what you know, but what you can share together.

Leadership is always a hotly discussed topic – what makes the best leader? What skills should a leader display? Why are fewer employees aspiring to reach managerial positions? But with the pace at which the world of work has had to change, leadership is getting a new look. The best leaders are those with empathy, who display fairness and have been willing to change and accept changes in circumstances for their teams.

 Laurine F @OFildeLau: There was a time where #leaders would have to know everything & make every decision. But in the past few weeks, we’ve seen that the successful leaders are the ones who close to their staff, building trust & empowering their people “ #newleadership  #clubtalentsoftvirtual

Does your team have shared qualities and values that have enabled them to pull together? Trust and transparency have become essential values. But the impact of a positive leader won’t stop as employees return to work – there is wider scope as calls for better action on social mobility will set aside businesses take a look at their recruitment processes and embed strategies to support candidates and offer equal opportunities and development.

  • Learning and Development – PowerSkills 

The way in which we learn and digest information has changed. Virtual events like Club TalentSoft are providing a platform for connection and discussion. Many of the previously perceived barriers to training are being challenged as businesses find new ways to deliver workshops and CPD training online. With the change in how we learn, will we see a change in what? Key skills such as the four C’s: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity will remain essential – but as Josh Bersin asks what about PowerSkills – ‘the things that make you successful’ for this we need to learn how to communicate, inspire and become curious.

Talentsoft Group @TalentsoftGroup:  “PowerSkills are the things that make you successful. The ultimate skills today are about how well we communicate and inspire and about how curious we are.” @Josh_Bersin at #ClubTalentsoftVirtual

  • Going forward – A new norm or a different future?

Early on many organisations were asking about what a return to work or the ‘new norm’ would look like, with new members of staff recruited and onboarded remotely, and remote working a key fixture for many. But there is a sense that  thinking has evolved: “This situation has given us an opportunity to look backward and forwards…and we need to take a closer look at the things we want to do differently in the future.” @SteveDanilewicz from OPCW at #ClubTalentsoft Virtual Talentsoft @Talentsoft

Elements such as remote working are no longer just the desirable but the norm, video interviews and psychometric tests online arguably have a greater role to play with instant feedback helping organisations to make decisions offsite. In addition, resilience and wellbeing have become part of our daily conversations as organisations look to ensure employees have the support they need to “respond, react and recover.” @Josh_Bersin – via Laurine F @OFildeLau

As we look to respond, and reboot – the #NowofWork has many possibilities going forward.