Staff manufacturing roles with confidence

Earlier this year, UK research reported via The Manufacturer found that of almost 300 manufacturing SME leaders surveyed, more than half (53%) intended to hire more employees over the next six months, in a bid to boost productivity and sales.

Being able to predict the performance of your hire is key to boosting long-term productivity and is where an assessment that can measure Mechanical Reasoning Comprehension and Ability (one of four specific abilities measured by recruiters) can provide real insight, as well as cost savings and a positive impact on revenue.

Why assess Mechanical Reasoning Ability?       

Mechanical Reasoning Ability is required in a number of job roles and is defined as the ability to apply basic mechanical and physical principles to solve problems. Such tests are typically used in the recruitment of highly manual or technical roles, particularly in fields such as engineering, airlines, the emergency services and skilled trades. Any career that requires the employee to use, maintain or repair heavy machinery in some manner could use a mechanical aptitude test as part of the hiring process.

Given that research has shown that “It takes more than 2 months to fill positions for skilled production workers, and more than 4 months for engineers, researchers, and scientists.” (Deloitte, Oct 2018). Ensuring that you can select the right candidates for your manufacturing roles is important. Furthermore, organisations are starting to turn their attention to a future that is based on humans over technology and review how they can upskill their staff and change the perception of the industry. With technology set to improve processes, recruiters need tools that can help select individuals who can adapt to change, apply problem solving and mechanical aptitude in order to keep pace with the future.


The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® (BMCT-II) is now available in the UK. It is designed to measure the following abilities:

  • Mechanical comprehension
  • Spatial Visualisation
  • Knowledge of basic physical and mechanical laws
  • Deduction of how machinery works

BMCT is a proven predictor of performance in roles requiring a knowledge of these abilities. Plus, an individual who scores high in mechanical comprehension tends to learn readily and can apply mechanical principles effectively.

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Image by Daryn Castle