The Effectiveness vs Popularity of Recruitment Methods

Matt Stevens of TalentLens UK looks at the difference in popularity and effectiveness of candidate recruitment methods.

As the below charts illustrate, recruiters face a high amount of choice when deciding how to distinguish between candidates. There are a large range of approaches, varying in their appropriateness and adoption levels. As the below charts adapted from work by Schmidt & Hunter (1998) illustrate, there are several disparities between usage and integration.

As the industry increasingly moves towards a solution based approach, embracing disruptive technology and bespoke offerings for clients, the level of popularity vs. effectiveness of recruitment methods debate will endure.

However, what cannot be disputed is that amongst other benefits, the usage of the ability and personality assessments can help recruiters to save time, reduce hiring costs and most importantly, provide an extremely reliable prediction of workplace task performance and reveal an individual’s likely fit to an organisation.

The combination of measurements, especially when incorporated within an assessment centre format, can enhance the process, thus providing a powerful indicator of candidate suitability.