Top Tips to help you prepare for your Versantâ„¢ English Assessment

Taking your Versantâ„¢ English Assessment? Here are a few important ways you can make sure that your responses are recorded with good sound quality.

Tip 1: Choose a good testing environment

Make sure you take the test in a quiet location

Here are some examples of bad testing environments

  • Take the test where other people are talking around you
  • Taking the test in a place that echoes
  • Taking the test where there is background noise
  • Getting interruptions from phone calls or text messages

Tip 2: Make good recordings on your device

Testing by computer

  • Use a headset with a built in microphone
  • Keep the microphone 3-5 cm away from your mouth
  • Try not to touch the microphone while answering questions

Testing by telephone

  • Use a phone with a cord not a speakerphone
  • Landline telephones have better quality than mobile phones

Testing by smartphone

  • You can use earbuds or a headset
  • If you use a speakerphone hold it 30-45cm from your mouth

Tip 3: Speak in a natural way

You should try to speak at a normal conversational speed and volume. It is important to speak naturally, like you are talking to another person.

Here are some examples speaking in an unnatural way:

  • Speaking too loudly
  • Speaking too quietly
  • Speaking too slowly
  • Speaking too quickly
  • Repeating a response again and again
  • Having a microphone too close to your mouth
  • Touching the microphone while speaking


  • Choose a good testing environment
  • Make good recordings on your device
  • Speak in a natural way

Good luck in your Versant Test!

Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij from Pexels