5 Recruitment Trends To Look Out For In 2020

We take a look at some of the top trends and priorities that are already coming to attention in 2020

And breathe
Six years ago I found myself bouncing round the Science Museum on a giant space hopper in aid of a mental health awareness event – cue my first blog post on the importance of recognising wellbeing in the workplace…These days, giant balancing balls have become office chairs and luckily many workplaces are committed to investing more time and money into how they support employees not only in terms of their career, but also wellbeing.

According to research 40% of HR currently feels Generation X is the most fragile demographic for wellbeing. One industry which is making strides in its health and wellbeing investment is manufacturing, with positive results already being seen – More than 90% of manufacturing companies that invested in employee health and wellbeing have seen workforce productivity increases.

Diversity and Inclusion
Looking for a new challenge? The demand for Diversity and Inclusion roles – which incorporates recruitment, HR and leadership duties – surged 106% in the UK in 2019, according to Glassdoor data. With larger companies leading the way, experts predict we’ll see an even more opportunities arising for this role in 2020, as more companies look to ensure their work environments encourage and support diversity and inclusion.

Ensuring your recruitment processes reflect your company ethos is therefore important, ask our team about ways in which psychometric assessments can help you widen your applicant pool; and support social mobility and diversity.

Coffee and a course?
L&D is high on the agenda for all employees this year – for managers and team members alike – but what is most clear is the call for accessible learning. There is a trend for more employees to want to access learning ‘on the go’ meaning that courses available through mobile devices will be popular. In addition, webinars and virtual learning environments are set to continue in their popularity. Gaining insight into how you learn can help you find the right approach for you. Plus, discover your style of learning with the Peter Honey LSQ >>

More than just a number
Data will still be high on people’s radar in 2020, but how can you best utilise the information you have? Whether it’s insights into how you and your team learn, predicting performance in new candidates or assessing critical thinking abilities, at TalentLens we can help you get the insights you need to make the best hiring decision for your company. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our BPS approved training courses, or ask us about our range of consultancy services.

Impressions count
First impressions count, and that also means the impression organisations make pre-interview. 87% of candidates say a great recruitment experience can change their mind about a company they once doubted.

Candidate experience has a value all of its own, if your hiring new team members this year, make sure you are:

  • Looking beyond the CV #social-mobility
  • Include psychometric tests that are accessible, fair and valid – make the process as easy to navigate as possible
  • Provide value feedback and advice where necessary – candidates will remember you for it.

Looking for the solution? We are here to help.