Training With TalentLens - The Importance Of BPS Qualifications

Watch our In Focus Video on Why are BPS Qualifications Required?

Jacob Stevens, Business Development Manager, for TalentLens UK gives an In Focus look at why BPS qualifications are required.

To ensure that professionals using tests are appropriately qualified, the British Psychological Society (BPS) has developed qualification standards which define the knowledge and skills that should be held by anybody using a psychological test. The BPS provides nationally recognised qualifications in psychometric and psychological testing in Occupational or Human Resources contexts.

The qualifications in test use have been designed for professionals who use psychometric tests as part of their role for personnel selection, development or career guidance and advice. These include Occupational Psychologists, professionals working in HR departments, employment agencies or consultancies offering testing services.

Pearson TalentLens has been providing BPS verified Ability and Personality test training for nine years. All of which are designed to ensure our commitment to the effective and ethical use of psychometric instruments. Experience and feedback from our delegates has equipped us to provide high quality, flexible courses.

Our offering: 

Benefits of attending:

  • No more consultancy fees
  • Obtain an industry-standard, transferable qualification
  • Plan and run recruitment campaigns on your terms
  • Be trained by experienced business psychologists

Here’s what our customers say:

“This course is excellent. It is well structured and the tutors are fantastic. I’ve learnt so much in just two days – thank you.”

“Anyone involved in Talent Acquisition should incorporate testing into the process. The Pearson TalentLens course will stimulate thinking and encourage the use of testing.”

“The TalentLens consultants have provided a thorough, well-designed Level A Training Course. They helped to make a technical in-depth course relevant and achievable.”

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