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News and Events

Keep up to date with the latest news and events from Pearson TalentLens.

Extensive New Norms For Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Date: 12-10-2016

26 new norm groups, including detailed employment groups, education and career level.    

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An Afternoon With Peter Honey

Date: 16-09-2016

Peter HoneyJoin the fourth annual free seminar hosted by Peter Honey, the Learning Styles guru and co-creator of the widely-used and respected Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ).


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Changes to the LSQ Ordering Process

Date: 08-02-2016

From February 2016, all visitors to www.peterhoney.com are being redirected to this website (talentlens.co.uk), from where you will be able to contact us to place your orders.

As part of this change, the online 40 and 80 item LSQ reports have been redesigned in order to modernise the output and provide a clearer course of action for your learners.

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Contacting us over the festive period

Date: 19-11-2015

Please see the key dates/opening times for TalentLens Customer Services over the festive period.

What Is Occupational Testing? Guest Blog From Matt Stevens On LSE blog

Date: 05-10-2015

Matt Stevens guest posts on the LSE blog discussing occupational testing and the different types of tests candidates are likely to face during a graduate recruitment process.

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Using Watson Glaser Critical Thinking For Staff Development

Date: 20-07-2015

Ability Tests

We are pleased to announce that we have added a great new feature to the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.

When you are setting up a Watson Glaser assessment on the TalentLens platform, or ordering via phone, you will be able to purchase a development report for each candidate as a standalone item.

In addition to using Watson Glaser as a recruitment tool, this will also enable you to use an individual's Watson Glaser results to inform an onboarding or staff development programme.

Webinar: The Value Personality Measures Bring To Recruitment

Date: 30-06-2015

Thanks to all who attended - the recording is now available on our recordings page.

This 30-minute webinar on July 20 at 11am will detail the value that measuring an applicants can bring to recruitment.

Recruitment is increasingly becoming a game of risk management and probability. The most effective selection methods weight the the recruitment game in your favour and reduce the risk of making a bad hire.

However, assessments only improve our odds if they are the right tools for the job, they are used effectively and the offer relevant information to allow recruiters to make informed hiring decisions.

Previous experience, job-relevant skills and academic achievement tell you if someone has the skills and experience to do a job. Personality tells us how we do something (our behaviours): Values tell us why we do something.

Raven's APM Update - Launched

Date: 04-10-2014

New option for unsupervised administration

TalentLens is delighted to announce a revised version of the classic Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices test (APM) has been launched. 

Raven’s is a prestigious measure of fluid intelligence (general ability), suitable to help recruitment for a variety of positions. 

Tests of 23 items will be generated from a large bank, ensuring randomisation in the tests presented to candidates. This format allows for the test to be administered unsupervised, whilst protecting the integrity of the assessment.

A variety of norms are available, as well as a revised International Technical Manual, produced to incorporate information on the new version of the test and recent research based on a large sample of archival data.

Try Raven's III for yourself to assess its suitability for your recruitment purposes. 


The TalentLens Blog Has Landed

Date: 03-07-2014

TalentLens launched its Blog on 3rd July. It will be providing commentary on Critical Thinking / GenY & Learning Styles. Sign up to receive free weekly updates.


Now Available: Athena Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Date: 14-05-2014

Measure Numerical Reasoning ability with Athena

Athena, a psychometric test of numerical reasoning that was developed in response to customer requests for a numerical reasoning test which could be administered in an unsupervised setting to sift-out candidates, is now available.

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