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New Item-banked Numerical Reasoning Test

Date: 10-05-2013

Name: tbc

What does the test measure? Numerical reasoning - see below

Format: online item-bank and paper tests

Time: Up to 30 minutes

Suitability: Graduate & supervisory levels and above

About the new test

For many years, RANRA has been TalentLens’s highly respected measure of numerical reasoning.

RANRA is, however, a fixed form test and its use has been restricted to supervised testing environments. With the introduction of the Watson-Glaser Unsupervised as a highly effective sifting test, many clients have requested a relevant accompanying item-banked numerical reasoning sifting tool. 

In response to these requests we have designed a new item-banked test with content pertinent to the modern world of business.


Features and benefits of the new test:

  • The content is relevant to the modern workplace
  • It contains business related data
  • It contains a number of free response questions – minimising test-takers scoring correct answers through guessing
  • Online item-bank available for sifting/screening purposes
  • Fixed form paper version available for supervised assessment

RANRA will continue to be available in online and paper and pencil formats for supervised testing.


Launch date

An online version of the test with a UK Working Adult norm is currently available. A number of fixed form versions of the test are currently available, but we are in the process of finalising the item-banked test, building norm groups and establishing the paper version of the test. If you would like trial the test and build your own norms, contact alice.revell@pearson.com.


Next steps