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Changes to the LSQ Ordering Process

Date: 08-02-2016

From February 2016 all visitors to www.peterhoney.com are being redirected to this website (talentlens.co.uk), from where you will be able to contact us to place your orders.

As part of this change, the online 40 and 80 item LSQ reports have been redesigned in order to modernise the output and provide a clearer course of action for your learners.


What does this mean for me?

LSQ 40 & 80 item Online clients

All orders over 20 units will be given access to the Talentlens platform, from where you will be able to administer and interpret the results.

You will then be able to set up and receive the new LSQ online reports - these are updated and improved, in order to enhance the learners' experience and provided a clearer path to development. 

We will naturally keep all live PH microsites open for one year from the date of purchase – the latest you will be able to purchase microsite access in its current form will be 31st January 2016.

LSQ 40 & 80 item Booklet clients

If you currently pay for surveys online, all clients with a TalentLens invoicing account will now be able to order via the Log in page

Manuals and Books

As above, all existing clients with an invoicing account will be able to order via the Log in page        


What do I need to do?

From now on, feel free to place your LSQ orders via the methods listed below: