New online measure of Mechanical Reasoning Ability

BMCT-ll aims to help organisations reduce staff turnover and predict performance

Pearson TalentLens UK, a global leader in the talent assessment market, has released a new measure, the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT-ll), designed to help identify candidates applying for roles or training programs within the manufacturing industry, and for reviewing risk management.

Being able to predict the performance of new hires is key to boosting long-term productivity and is where an assessment that can measure Mechanical Reasoning Ability (one of four specific abilities measured by recruiters) can provide real insight; as well as cost savings and a positive impact on revenue. Such tests are typically used in the recruitment of highly manual or technical roles, particularly in fields such as engineering, airlines, the emergency services and skilled trades. Any career or training course that requires the employee to use, maintain or repair heavy machinery in some manner.

Talent assessment has a key role to play in a changing landscape

BMCT–II was developed to measure a person’s aptitude for understanding and applying mechanical principles, from which an employer may infer future performance in jobs.

Matt Stevens, Head of TalentLens UK commented:

“With technology set to improve processes, recruiters need tools that can help select individuals who can adapt to change, apply problem solving and mechanical aptitude in order to keep pace with the future. The BMCT-ll can help recruiters find the best candidate for their roles which can improve staff turnover rates, which ultimately is better for wellbeing, development and revenue.”

Recent research carried out by Deloitte illustrated the time pressures on finding the right person for the role, as it now takes “more than 2 months to fill positions for skilled production workers, and more than 4 months for engineers, researchers, and scientists.” (1) The BMCT-ll can help select the best candidates for training courses, new roles and by screening candidates for their mechanical aptitude – reduce the risk of workplace accidents involving for example driving and using heavy machinery.

Accessible online

The latest version, BMCT-ll is now a web-based test, administered online to an individual or group, and meets the needs of today’s recruiters looking to use item-banked content and new normative information.

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