TalentLens UK Launches DAT Next Generation

Computer adaptive technology shapes new cognitive assessment that motivates and engages candidates

Technology is changing the way organisations recruit, develop and training new members of staff, into long-term productive employees. Being able to identify and select the best candidate for open positions, efficiently and timely is essential – but what about the candidate experience? Could selection processes be putting candidates off applying?

If you look at traditional recruitment processes, they can involve a number of different and often lengthy pen and paper tests, taken either at the recruitment centres or at home. The process can be demanding and demotivating over time. Recruiters and candidates today are looking for something more concise and engaging. Recruiters need clear results and a way to sift through the hundreds of applications they may have received, whilst candidates want to feel like their assessment will make a difference. This is where Computer assisted technology or CAT can make a difference.

Pearson TalentLens UK, a global leader in the talent assessment market, has taken a major step forward with the DAT Next Generation. Using sophisticated CAT, DAT Next Generation offers five new tests which measures aspects of cognitive ability, which are related to different areas of employment and training; in order to predict success. Each test contains only 15 items, which adapt to the ability level of each test taker – this helps candidates feel sufficiently challenged and motivated throughout the test. Now organisations can use just one measures to assess a diverse pool of individuals with differing abilities along the performance spectrum. The five new subtests measure: Verbal Analogies, Numerical Calculations, Numerical Sequences, Abstract Reasoning and Space Relations.

“Hundreds of organisations in over 30 countries now use more than a quarter of a million DAT tests a year. This latest edition is a forward looking test, which offers recruiters, career counsellors and educators a suite of modern tests which will improve the test experience, and offer more reliable scores.”

“DAT Next Generation will not only help organisations predict the future success of employees, and make pre-hire decision easier, but can also be used by school counsellors to guide students in secondary school who are looking to make their next step into training and further education. DAT Next Generation reflects an exciting stage in our psychometric test development.” Matt Stevens, Head of TalentLens UK

Find out more about DAT Next Generation at https://www.talentlens.co.uk/product/dat-next-generation/

About Pearson TalentLens

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