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Pearson UK launches new website

As you know, talentlens.co.uk is the home of Pearson TalentLens; it’s where you can purchase ability and personality assessments, book your BPS training, read our blog, and much more.

Pearson UK WebsitePearson, the company that owns TalentLens, has recently launched a new UK site which showcases Pearson’s extensive range of qualifications, resources, professional development and assessment.


This new site includes:

  • An employers area that showcases our entire industry offer
  • An area for work-based, professional and adult learners, including free online courses

Some of the new features are:

  • A responsive site that works on mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop
  • The ability to search across all Pearson UK websites from a single place
  • Links to all our shops and contact details for all customer groups
  • A dedicated events section including an events calendar


Which website should I use in future?

Please continue to visit talentlens.co.uk for your assessment and training needs. If you’d like to see more from Pearson UK’s range, please do try the new site.


Date posted: March 21, 2016