DAT Next Generation

Harness the power of computer adaptive tests to assess those abilities that predict success.

What are Differential Aptitude Tests?

Differential Aptitude Tests™ or DAT™ is a gold-standard suite of assessments measuring cognitive abilities in a number of different areas. This latest edition, DAT™ Next Generation combines cutting-edge Computerised Adaptive Testing technology or CAT to offer five new DAT tests in a number of languages.

Compared with traditional fixed form tests CAT presents a modern method of delivering item-banked tests to job applicants or students with many benefits over previous version.

What does the next generation Differential Aptitude Test measure?

Each DAT™ Next Generation sub-test contains only 15 items & measures the following:

  1. Verbal Analogies. Measures verbal reasoning by the relationships between pairs of words.
  2. Numerical Calculations. Measures addition, subtraction, division, percentages, algebra and, multiplication.
  3. Numerical Sequences. Measures problem solving abilities with numbers.
  4. Abstract Reasoning. Looks at ability to see sequences in shapes and patterns.
  5. Space Relations. The ability to visualise 2D shapes in 3D.

What are Differential Aptitude Tests used for?

Launched in 1947 initially to support career guidance and vocational counselling in students, DAT’s use has since extended to measure an individual’s level of general and a number specific mental abilities that are required for success in many job roles and training courses. The increased usage of ability tests in these areas is supported by in–depth research showing that tests of mental ability are highly predictive of performance.

What is the format of the next generation DAT test?

  • Shorter test – 15 item
  • More reliable scores
  • Better test taker experience and increased motivation
  • Items presented at ability level of test taker
  • One test – suitable for a wide range of ability levels.

Differential Aptitude Tests in action

ETC Consult has been providing the DATs to Career Guidance Counselors in second level schools in Ireland for more than 30 years.

Career Guidance Counselors use them to help students in their final years of secondary education decide which careers to pursue and/or which type of third level education or vocational training fit best with their aptitudes, interests and educational history.

How have they helped?

85% of Counselors view the DATs as invaluable instruments in their work – reliable, valid, highly predictive of performance: effective, efficient and user friendly. They recommend them highly.

ETC Consult also uses the DATs in its own consultancy practice in both selection and career planning contexts. In selection the company has used them in assisting organisations successfully select and retain talent at all levels from Apprentices to Engineers; Admin Assistants to Senior Executives.

In the career planning side of its operations, ETC Consult has used the DATs over the same period to help clients from 17 to 60 and from roles varying from semi-skilled to highly professional make the best career changes for them with a primary satisfaction rate of 75% and a secondary rate (after follow-up discussions) of 88%.

ETC Consult has also trained several hundred practitioners in the application of the DATs in both the public and private sectors.

TalentLens offers a range of assessment tests including the Watson & Glaser Critical Thinking Test and the Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Questionaire.

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