Differential Aptitude Tests

Measure an individual's capacity to succeed in a number of careers

The DAT has been in use since 1947. Its authors belong to a group of the most prestigious names in psychometric test development.

There are 3 different print versions of DAT to be used for different purposes.

These include:

1) DAT for Selection – General Abilities Battery (GAB) Helps to recruit staff up to junior manager positions and assesses verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning abilities.

2) DAT for Selection – Technical Abilities Battery (TAB) Helps to recruit staff to junior managerial level, specifically those being hired for technical positions.

3) DAT for Guidance. Helps to provide career guidance to school leavers. It contains eight main areas of candidate measurement.

CORE ABILITIES is an online test aligned with the DAT for Selection GAB.

DAT for Selection – General Abilities Battery combines the following tests together:

Verbal Reasoning

  • How well can you understand ideas expressed in words?
  • How clearly can you think and reason with words?

Numerical Reasoning

  • How well can you understand ideas expressed in numbers?
  • How clearly can you think and reason with numbers?

Abstract Reasoning

  • How well can you understand ideas that are not expressed in words or numbers?
  • How well do you think out problems even when there are no words to guide you?

DAT for Selection – Technical Abilities Battery reflects the different aptitudes required for technical positions.  Test-takers can complete all or a number of the FOUR discrete sub-tests

In addition to the Numerical and Abstract Reasoning tests outlined above, the Technical Abilities battery also contains:

Mechanical Reasoning

  • How easily do you grasp the common principles of physics as you see them in everyday life?
  • How well do you understand the laws governing simple machinery, tools and bodies in motion?

Space Relations

  • How well can you visualise, or form mental pictures of, solid objects from looking at flat paper plans?
  • How well can you think in three dimensions?

DAT for Guidance

DAT for Guidance assesses eight different types of ability, or aptitude, which are related to success in different areas of employment. It is essentially a profiling instrument. Its co-standardised tests provide an eight point profile which portrays relative strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s key aptitudes.

The eight abilities are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
    How well are you able understand ideas / concepts which are expressed in words?
    How clearly are you able to reason using words?
  • Numerical Reasoning
    How proficient are you in understand ideas expressed in number format?
    Are you able to apply reason / logic to numbers?
  • Abstract Reasoning
    Are you able to comprehend concepts not expressed in word / number formats?
    Are you able to solve problems when given no word / text guidance or instructions?
  • Perceptual speed and accuracy
    How well and accurately can you complete paperwork, typically encountered in today’s workplace?
  • Mechanical Reasoning
    How well can you understand basic principles of physics as they are encountered in everyday life?
    Do you appreciate the laws governing motion, such as machinery, tools and bodies?
  • Space Relations
    How able are you to visualise, or construct mental pictures of, solid objects from looking at flat paper plans.
  • Spelling
    Are you able to recognise correct / false spellings of commonly used English words?
  • Language Usage
    How proficient are you when using the English language?
    Are you able to utilise punctuation, capitalisation, and word choice?



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