A personality measure of the "fit" to role, derailers and integrity of potential and current employees

Giotto is one of the first personal integrity assessments to be researched and developed solely in the UK.

The tool is ideal for use just prior to interview. The results of the test provide an indication of a candidate’s likely behaviour in the workplace. It also offers a focus on candidates’ attitude, enabling further questioning and qualifying during the interview stage.

Giotto is offered as an ipsative tool, in recognition of the potential difficulties apparent when measuring candidate integrity. This format helps to avoid the effects of a candidate lying or faking their responses.

As it is used in occupational settings, Giotto uses contemporary neural network techniques, in order to unpick the complex issues associated with personal integrity.

These approach helps to provide an accurate and reliable measurement of candidate strengths and weaknesses, spanning a total of 7 distinguishable areas.

A candidate scoring well on the areas may enable protection against:

  • Carelessness and likelihood of causing / being involved in an accident
  • Commitment issues, work absenteeism and lateness
  • Likelihood of being prone to dark sides of personality such as violence, hostility or intimidation
  • Disciplinary problems whilst in the role
  • Hostility or disrespect towards management and colleagues
  • Likelihood of stealing company property or wasting resources
  • An un-willingness or inability to cope with change, low self-confidence and / or anxiety.

Scores on the seven dimensions below can then be matched by the hiring organisation to specific job competencies.

  • Prudence
  • Fortitude
  • Temperance
  • Justice
  • Faith
  • Charity
  • Hope

Giotto is relevant to all roles but individual organisations will have their own culture and associated staff expectations which candidates can be measured against.

Online test and electronic reports now available

Giotto is available for completion online via the TalentLens test platform. A combined profile and narrative report is automatically generated upon completion of the test.

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