Golden Personality Profiler™

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Personality is the foundation for a host of critical professional skills which impact almost everything people do each day. An understanding of what makes us unique and knowledge of others is an accelerator of performance as well as health and well-being at work. Used by organisations of all sectors and universities around the world, the Golden Personality Profiler provides, in a cost effective way, the most in-depth personality insights to support coaching and mentoring activities.

The Golden Personality Profiler help coaches and L&D professionals to jump-start individual and team development, and thus, to set positive models of interaction, embrace team diversity, manage change, develop efficient decision-making, which lead to improvement of individual and collective performance.

Powered by Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five Factor model of personality, Golden identifies both a four letter Jungian type and a fifth element for stress while offering 36 subfacets that describe the unique personality of each individual.

–   Extraverting-Introverting: Where you focus your energy (Talkative-Quiet, Outgoing-Intimate, Socially Bold-Reserved, Participative-Reflective)

–   Sensing-Intuiting: How you gather information (Concrete-Abstract, Practical-Innovative, Conventional-Visionary, Traditional-Trendsetting)

–   Thinking-Feeling: How you make decisions (Rational-Empathetic, Autonomous-Compassionate, Analytic-Warm, Competitive-Nurturing)

–   Organizing-Adapting: How you approach life (Planned-Open ended, Reliable-Casual, Deliberate-Spontaneous, Conforming-Nonconforming)

–   Tense–Calm: How you respond to stress (Concerned-Optimistic, Unsure-Confident)

The assessment comes with a comprehensive Profile report or a Risk indicator report.



  • Measures Personality Type, Traits, Temperament and Response to Stress; 5 Global Scales; 36 Facet Scales
  • Includes an original dimension dedicated assessing how the individual reacts to daily stressors
  • Specific scoring system using a seven point rating system, and thus avoiding dichotomous votes
  • Psychometrically reliable and research based.


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