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If you are looking for an increased and diverse applicant pool for your roles, Pearson TalentLens and Grad DNA have the solution. A mobile first app which matches people to your organisation’s scheme via psychometric testing. It’s time for a wider and more inclusive recruitment process.


  1. Widen your candidate pool – Job applications from mobile phones are on the rise. 89% of job seekers seeing their device as an important tool for job searching [Glassdoor]. Our renowned psychometric tests, combined with mobile app technology help you to reach more candidates.
  2. Improve candidate experience – Applying for roles and taking psychometric tests can be daunting for many groups of people. Using mobile-first psychometric testing, candidates can easily access tests onscreen. It’s more accessible and reduces testing time with no impact on results.
  3. No Interruptions – We get interrupted a lot on our phones by calls, text messages and notifications. These interruptions invalidate mobile assessments. As an industry first, the Grad DNA app has built-in functionality and processes which enable tests to be taken in airplane mode; blocking interruptions, meaning there is no invalidation of test results.
  4. End to end solution – Designed to compliment your existing process, successful completion of any mobile first solution within the app will enable further steps, such as video / f2f interviews to be arranged on the spot, increasing effectiveness and streamlining your process.

Why mobile?

Mobile first testing means our tests are designed to be used on your mobile phones; a more accessible, yet still reliable, fair and valid way for people to experience psychometric testing. With over 98% of Generation Z owning a mobile phone, applicants can access employer-approved tests inc Watson-Glaser, DAT NG and Bennett and be matched to your specific requirements.

By enabling interruption free mobile testing, our partnership with Grad DNA reduces many of the barriers that may deter some people from applying; giving you a more diverse and larger applicant pool to choose from, whilst promoting fairness and social mobility.

All TalentLens assessments are subject to this groundbreaking innovation.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

The world’s leading measure of Critical Thinking Ability is currently being mobile optimised and gamified. In combination with its availability via the Grad DNA mobile app, this development will revolutionise how candidates can take the assessment; boosting the applicant pool, thus giving the you ability to assess the predicted performance of a wider and more diverse range of people.  

Mobile Devices in Recruitment – A Pathway to Social Mobility?

Did you know:

  • 47% of adults have looked online at job opportunities or applied for a job online; 13% … in the previous week.* However access to digital psychometric tests can open up opportunities to applicants & help you discover them faster!
  • 55% of people ages 35 – 44 used mobile devices to apply to jobs, vs 44% of 18-to 24-year olds & those 65 and older.** Looking to increase diversity within roles? Mobile-first technology can help you increase your applicant pool.
  • 2.3% increase in job applications can be achieved by making an online job application just 10% easier to complete.** Immersive experiences, with mobile-first tests ensure more accessibility for your candidates & faster results for you.
  • 53% fewer applicantions on average, are completed by mobile device applicants vs desktop applicants.** But by combining psychometric tests with mobile-first technology more applicants are likely to participate and overcome some of the barriers to testing, which can lead to better selection.

* Ofcom Adults’ media use & attitudes report 2019.
** Glassdoor: 50+ HR and Recruiting Stats for 2020.

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