RAVEN’S Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)

Assess overall general ability - the aptitude to learn new concepts quickly and solve new and complex problems without drawing on prior knowledge

RAVEN’S is a gold-standard, highly trusted assessment that helps organisations measure an individual’s level of general (cognitive) ability by specifically assessing the following abilities that are required for success in many job roles or training courses:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Learning new concepts quickly
  • Solving new and complex problems without drawing on prior knowledge

Compared with other assessments, RAVEN’S is one of the most proven predictors of performance in roles requiring these abilities. It uses a non verbal approach (diagrammatic) and therefore reduces potential linguistic bias, thus making it perfect for recruiting across geographies.

RAVEN’S offers information about someone’s capacity for analysing and solving problems, abstract reasoning, and the ability to learn. The Standard Progressive Matrices assessment is aimed at entry level candidates. For management and graduate level roles see APM.

SPM allows assessors to easily administer the online tests to any number of test takers for unsupervised remote completion.

Find out more about our  Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices Test.


  • Supervised online completion
  • Easy to administer. Online test link can be sent to any number of test-takers with one click

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