IRIS Situational Judgement Test

Measure Situational Judgement skills. Off the shelf - different versions, catering for Graduate, Junior Management, Sales, Admin and Customer Service roles


  • Cost-effective online sifting – saves time and budget.
  • Realistic – SJTs provide an effective measure of potential work performance.
  • Helps candidates to build a picture of the role and self select.

We offer an established range of off-the-shelf online work simulations designed to assess candidates against a broad range of behaviours or skills required for effective performance in customer service, graduate, junior managerial, administrative and sales roles.

SJTs assess work-based behaviours and decision-making; underpinned by skills, motivation and abilities commonly required in the workplace.

Candidates are placed in realistic work scenarios and required to deal with a number of situations that are likely to be faced in a particular role. Each scenario is task-driven and so provides realistic content for these roles, whilst being relevant across organisations.

The tests measure how effective someone’s decision making and judgement is when faced with the sort of situations they will routinely experience. Those whose judgement is not what is expected are unlikely to perform well in the role.

Our research identified that those in certain roles e.g. tele-sales, customer service or those new to junior management positions face and encounter similar situations and scenarios irrespective of the sector. Our off-the-shelf SJTs are likely to be suitable for these roles.


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